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on 28/12/2012 at 11:14
Score : 10/10

Un petit mot pour raconter mes impressions du Sénégal.

Le Sénégal, c'est plein de sénégalais...
...qui se collent aux touristes, plus que les moustiques.

De première abord trés collants, on peut ressentir une sensation d'étouffement.
Un touriste blanc ne peut faire un pas seul, il y en a toujours un qui viens nous parler.
Les sénégalais adorent discuter, ils sont curieux de ce qu'ils ne connaissent pas, curieux de vous.
Ils s'intéressent vraiment aux autres, ce contact nous l'avons un peu perdu.
Parler avec eux devient un vrai plaisir... si l'on capable de prendre le temps nécessaire, le même temps qu'eux.
...ils se pressent lentement...disent-ils.
Le soleil du Sénégal, au mois de Décembre c'est un médicament extraordinaire.
Galoper dans des paysages de brousse, en regardant se coucher le soleil...
Traverser la mangrove ou encore prendre un petit bain à cheval...
Découvrir la culture de l'arachide, passer dans un village et s'asseoir à coté d'eux...
La cuisine est délicieuse.
Manger du poisson juste pêché, c'est une chance.
Gouter des saveurs inconnues, ces jus de fruits locaux, c'est une découverte.
Une seule chose m'a manqué dans ce voyage, c'est de savoir ce qui se passe lorsque la musique se fait entendre...
...le jour au cours de fêtes traditionnelles.
...ou à la tombée de la nuit lors des concerts de musique sénégalaises.
C'est une randonnée riche en découvertes et en contacts humains.
Le parcours à cheval est varié et dynamique.
Merci pour ces bons moments.
Car même si l'on est des clients, on n'a plus vraiment envie de quitter le Sénégal à la fin de la semaine...
P.S. Nous avons même eu la chance de visiter un dispensaire.
Alors s'il en est de même pour vous, n'oubliez pas d'emmener quelques exédents.
Nous avons trop et gaspillons beaucoup...

on 28/12/2012 at 10:54
Score : 10/10

A very nice exotic horseback riding, with brave horses and a guide who deeply knows his country and which only goal is to make it discover to visitors."

on 18/11/2012 at 10:44
Score : 10/10

My recent trip to the Loire Valley was the highlight of my horseback riding vacation experience to date.
The rooms were clean and the beds very comfortable. The comfort feature was very important after a full day horseback riding. The most memorable was staying the the renovated castle.
I thought the picnics were amazing. The presentation of the various salads, sliced meats, display of cheeses and of course, the breads were mouth watering. I looked forward to the picnics every day. The wine at lunch and after the ride was nice. Sharing the wine created a fun loving atmosphere whether we were picnicking in a field, or near a parking lot. It allowed us all some down time to get to know each other better and to take a little rest.
The food at the restaurants and inns was great as well. The owners were friendly and happy to see us and took special care of us all.
on 18/11/2012 at 10:42
Score : 10/10

My horse Minuit was the best and most responsive and the easiest horse I have ever had. He enjoyed the gallops. I had not galloped in a long time, but with his steady gait, I was able to ride without difficulty. All horses should have his kind and easy going manner. All of the horses were very well cared for. The horses were well taken care of and fresh for the next day's riding.
I liked the variety of landscapes that we rode through. Walking through a town with the flow of traffic is an experience that I won't soon forget, nor watering the horses in a river, riding through the vineyards and sunflower fields, riding the back roads through neighborhoods with people watching us and waving.
Sarah and Pierre were competent, dependable, took great care of the riders and the horses and the equipment that we needed for the ride and picnics and they have a great sense of humor and fun to be around. Sarah was able to make the arrangements to track down a a missing suitcase that belonged to one of our riders. She kept the rider appraised of the whereabouts of the luggage until it was returned to the rider. Both Sarah and Pierre were organized and made the trip planning look effortless.
Thank you for arranging for us to stay in the castle in Chemery. My only regret is that I did not get a visit from the ghost or maybe I did get a visit. I enjoyed getting to know you and getting to know my fellow riders. My sister and I are already planning next year's trip with you two
on 18/11/2012 at 10:23
Score : 10/10

First of all, it was amazing! I can´t come up with anything that I didn´t like with the trip, it was even better than I expected.

- quality of room and the welcome of the hotel or bed and breakfast,
Every room that we had had a good standard and was clean, which is the most important. It was great fun to stay at different places every night and they were all very different. Especially when we stayed at the castles which were amazing. The welcomes was always good.

- quality of the picnics, and of the diner
Very good, you always got to eat that much that you wanted, (and drink wine as much as you wanted J) the picnics and dinners were very well done and varied every day. I think we ate very good and French food at nice restaurants for dinner.

- quality of the horse
Very good! It feels like you managed to fit each rider with a suitable horse. I was very happy with Jade and Pepita and I think that I had been happy with every horse of yours. Very friendly and nice horses, stabile, wants to go on the trail and used to all riders. I felt really safe and calm with all horses. I could have been even more with the horses, fixing them before the rides for example.
on 18/11/2012 at 10:19
Score : -/10

- quality of the trail
Just perfect, I loved the differences in this trail. We ride in vineyards, in the wood, in the fields, on the beach, in cities, on the outback etc.
We got the chance to see a lot of France on the horseback! I liked the tempo on the trail, a lot of trotting and galloping. I have loved to bath with the horses, maybe next time J

- quality of the guide team
You are the best guides I can imagine! You are so friendly and social, nice with the horses, have a lot of knowledge of the area that we ride in and really wanted the group to have the best trip. I really appreciated that you were joining us for dinner every night. I felt really safe with you on the trail and you were structured with our schedule which was good. It felt that you have been doing this for a long time togethere, you are a good team!

-the night of the medieval castle of Chemery
Fantastic to stay at this castle because of the historical rooms. It was nice to have the aperitif in the garden. I had wanted to know more of the castle, maybe a guided tour.

I can really recommend anyone to go on a trip with you!
on 31/10/2012 at 08:26
Score : 10/10

Perrio and Sara,
Thank you so much for a great Bordeaux wine trail holiday.
Good company,good food,good wine and great horses and dog. What more could you asked for!
Are you readyyyyy!
Are you happyyyyyyyyy! YES!
see you next time
All the best
Claire and Susanna.xxx
on 17/10/2012 at 22:43
Score : 10/10

to more good times and wonderful memories
on 08/07/2012 at 15:15
Score : 10/10

Dear Pierro , Sarah and Cindy
This was definitely the highlight of all our horseback-riding-trips so far.
The organisation was outstanding (not only the first day). Your warm hospitality and the way you looked after us will be always on our mind. We hope to have the opportunity to come back.
All the best
Yvonne and René
on 01/07/2012 at 19:05
Score : 10/10

Perfekt. liebe Sarah, lieber Pierre, liebe Cindy, danke für einen rundum gelungenen Reiturlaub. MERCI! danke für tolle Gallopaden, super Picknicks, sensationelle Ausblicke. Das Wetter und die Schlösser der Loire waren atemberaubend. Ihr seid eine tolle Truppe. Ich komme wieder....Cin cin
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Number of messages : 58